Green Mountain Conservancy

Mission Statement of the
Green Mountain Conservancy

The mission of the Green Mountain Conservancy is to acquire and protect wilderness lands in southern Vermont, lands that are part of identified wildlife corridor systems, to ensure the continued natural character of these lands, the survival of the plants and animals they support, and to protect their aesthetic, inspirational values into the future.

About GMC

The Green Mountain Conservancy is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Windham County in Southern Vermont. 

Board Members

Mary Ellen Copeland, President
Sam Farwell, Vice President
Patti Smith, Secretary
Ed Anthes, Treasurer
Deborah Lee Luskin
Michael Pletcher
Jenifer Ambler


Mary Ellen Copeland,  President of GMC
Phone:(802) 257-0012
Address:PO Box 301, West Dummerston, VT 05357