Dummerston Conservation Commission

Dummerston, Vermont

The mission of the Dummerston Conservation Commission is to promote community responsibility and awareness of our conservation needs and to encourage stewardship of the natural habitat.

Moose Sighting Oct. 6, 2018
From the Dummerston Sightings Blog:
Oct. 6, 2018 this moose strolled across Route 30 and caused about 20 cars to pull off the road.

Some projects organized by the Dummerston Conservation Commission:

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To volunteer or to find out more:
Phone: (802) 257-0012

Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

Nature Explorers’ Day Camp at Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

BEEC’s mission is to develop a more ecologically informed citizenry through education and action in order to enhance and sustain the vitality of our bioregion.

BEEC has been providing southeastern Vermont with quality outdoor education programs for more than twenty-five years. BEEC also coordinates and leads important community-based natural history and conservation programs.

Phone: (802) 257-5785
Address: 1223 Bonnyvale Road, West Brattleboro, Vermont

Vermont Land Trust
Putney Mountain Association
Windham Hill Pinnacle Assoc.

Land Manager’s Guide

“A rich landscape will have a diversity of habitat types at different stages including: old growth forest, deep interior forest, mid-successional forest, and early successional forest. Ultimately, such a landscape would have the greatest potential to support the greatest diversity of species”
A Land Managers Guide to Conserving Habitat for Forest Birds in Southern Ontario.

Download: A Land Manager’s Guide to Conserving Habitat for Forest Birds in Southern Ontario (PDF, 4.2MB 140 pages)

Chirping Bird