As the forest grows older in absence of timber harvest, Deer Run Nature Preserve, and the other wild lands that GMC protects, will contribute more and more to these natural climate solutions at a time when all living beings need them the most. 
~Jennifer Ramstetter, GMC Board Member and Botanist

GMC has set up a fund for acquiring large parcels of land in southern Vermont, the Green Mountain Conservancy Land Conservation Fund.  We have found that opportunities to purchase key parcels that are part of the wildlife corridor from the CT River to the Green Mountain National Forest become available quickly.  GMC wants to be ready to acquire and conserve these parcels, and to move swiftly when necessary.  

Each day southern Vermont loses acreage to development.  While GMC supports development for housing and other human needs, we are dedicated to protecting the landscape so that all of the species that inhabit this area, including humans, are to survive and continue to appreciate the beauty and abundance of the wild lands into the future. 

Please join us in our efforts to acquire, protect and maintain large parcels of wilderness in southern Vermont.

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