Hunting Policy

Hunting Policy for the Deer Run Nature Preserve

Hunting is allowed with permission from the Green Mountain Conservancy. To get permission, email your name and address, when you’d like to hunt, and what you’d like to hunt, to  You will receive an invitation to schedule a time to pick up your signed Permission Card.  Permission is given for a specified time frame and for specified game. Currently GMC is not giving permission to hunt bear, coyote, fox, or bobcat. Hunters must provide a valid hunting license for permission.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on DRNP.  There is public access parking at the trailhead on Camp Arden Road in Dummerston.  Hunting with dogs is not allowed.  Baiting of any kind is prohibited.  GMC reserves the right to revoke permission if a hunter’s behavior is considered unacceptable.

Tree Stands and Ground Blinds

Permanent tree stands and ground blinds are prohibited. Temporary tree stands and ground blinds are allowed with permission from the 3rd Sunday in August through the 3rd Saturday in December, May 1-31 (dates inclusive), or during any Youth Hunting Day or Youth Hunting Weekend. Temporary stands and blinds must be constructed according to the following requirements:

  • The location of the stand or blind must be pre-approved by the Green Mountain Conservancy. Stands and blinds may not be located within 200 yards of any hiking trail. Trails are marked with blue disks.
  • No damage may be done to any vegetation in erecting, maintaining, using or accessing a stand or blind except that limbs or branches one inch or less in diameter on the main stem or branch of a tree where a tree stand is located may be cut solely for the purpose of installing the tree stand (for guidance, A United State quarter is 0.9 inch in diameter);
  • No vegetation can be cut for the purpose of creating shooting lanes or windows;
  • No nails, bolts, screws (including access steps), wire, chain or other material that penetrates through a living tree’s bark into the wood below shall be used in erecting, attaching, maintaining or using any stand or blind;
  • All tree stands and ground blinds must be clearly, permanently and legibly marked with the owner’s name and address. The marking must be placed in a manner that enables it to be read conveniently and easily.
  • Construction of a tree stand or ground blind does not confer exclusive use of any land around its location to the person who built it.

Tree stands and ground blinds that do not conform to this regulation are prohibited and may be confiscated and/or destroyed. Building, erecting, maintaining, using or occupying a non-conforming tree stand or ground blind is prohibited.

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