Green Mountain Conservancy’s Bridges Project for Deer Run Nature Preserve

As you know, in the last two years, GMC has had phenomenal success.  We have purchased and conserved the 918 acres of wilderness in Dummerston, Brookline and Newfane, known as the Deer Run Nature Preserve.  Not only are these lands sequestering tons of carbon, keeping wildlife corridors open, protecting our biodiversity and keeping our waters clean, thousands of people from all over the world have been hiking the glorious trails enjoying the unique scenery, woodlands and incredible views and appreciating the biodiversity which is unique to this Preserve which lies where the southern and northern forests meet. 

All of the trails on the Preserve have been designed to make them as accessible to everyone as possible. However, we have found that there are four stream crossings near the beginning of the trail that make the hike difficult or impossible for some people, especially those who have mobility or balance issues. It is a section of the trail for people who would be able to do only a short hike. It also gives people access to other trails on the Preserve that are less challenging. 

Four short wooden bridges would eliminate this issue, making the beginning sections of the trail much easier to navigate. More and more people could enjoy the red pine forest planted by a farmer in the 1930’s, see the ancient stone walls, listen to the woodland birds, marvel at the bubbling brooks and waterfalls, view the work of the porcupines and study the forest floor that is replete with flora and fauna as well as signs of ancient weather events and geologic events.  

Timber and Stone, Inc., well-known for their wilderness forest expertise and recommended by the Nature Conservancy, has surveyed the sites and planned, with a team of GMC volunteers, to build 4 sturdy wooden bridges with railings across these streams.  

Green Mountain Conservancy has partnered with GlobalGiving on a Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity. Please join us in making these bridges a reality by visiting the link below on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bridge Prototype

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