In commemoration of Earth Day and to celebrate this fantastic planet we live on, the Green Mountain Conservancy is inviting you to a hike on Earth Day, Friday, April 22 at 10 am. Hikers will meet at the Deer Run Nature Preserve trailhead at 940 Camp Arden Road in Dummerston.

The hike will be led by:

Roger Haydock is a geologist who has been building trails at the Preserve since 2019 and has built many miles of trails for the Putney Mountain Association and Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association. Roger’s descriptions of how this land was formed and where it has been geologically are fascinating. At the beginning of the hike, he will tell you about the Kame Terrace that you will be standing on, which was left behind by the glaciers that covered this area about 11,000 years ago.

Daniel Dubie is an ecological consultant who has vast knowledge of the natural world. He will be pointing out spring ephemerals along the way, teach you about the various natural communities that the trail traverses and astound you with his bird identification skills. Dan will talk about land conservation and what he sees for the future of Vermont woodlands.

This hike is approximately 4.8 miles round trip and has some challenging sections, notably a washed out area that may be difficult for those with balance issues. GMC is raising funds to build a bridge over this ravine, which will hopefully be completed this summer. Until then, hiking poles are recommended.

Bring sturdy shoes, snacks, lunch and water.

Please do not bring your dog. While we love our dogs, others on the hike may not, and the porcupines that live in these woods can cause your pet a lot of pain.

We are anxious to get the bridge across the washout built as quickly as possible. It will likely cost about $15,000 for a wooden bridge that will last for about 30 years. Please help us reach this goal by donating to this project.

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